Taking Time


Lately, my body has been trying to tell me something. But I haven’t been listening. I’ve been too busy trying to stay busy. Trying to distract myself from the not-so-great things I’ve been coping with. But today I decided to listen. And once I did I realised it was telling me to sloooooooow down. It’s funny how we can literally tune out our own physical responses, because we live so much in our minds. Yesterday afternoon I had a massage, and it allowed me to stop and reflect for a little while. And today it all came crashing down. I felt tired, but then I felt jittery. I had a headache and couldn’t concentrate. To be honest, I felt on edge and on the verge of tears. When I realised just how bad, how ‘off’ I felt, I realised it was time to take a beat and take stock of things.

I think it might be time to do a little self care. You know, have a bubble bath, watch a funny movie, do some drawing. Be a little kind to yourself. I think I need to become more comfortable with doing nothing. Nothing of real merit or productivity. Because I do know that my body was trying to tell me that’s what it needs.

Here goes…

Planting Succulents – My Tips & Tricks

How To Plant Succulents

I, like many lately, am crazy about succulents. I am drawn to their beauty of all different (and seemingly endless) shapes and sizes, and the simple yet clean look they lend to any garden or pot. However! My love for succulents actually started because they are really one of the few plants I can manage to grow on my balcony. Remember that post a few months back where I planted two new flowering beauties? Yeah, they died. So many things have died on my balcony. Now I know this mustn’t lend much confidence in my abilities, but I promise it was all just a learning curve. To believe I could grow flowers on a balcony that only gets a slim amount of direct sunlight (and that’s only in summer!)  was rather naive.

So, I adjusted my perspective. One day I’ll have a colourful garden full of flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. But for now I have my succulents and ferns. And succulents to me really as gorgeous as flowers!

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My Smash Book – Supply Haul

Smash Book Supplies - Washi tape

When I was in middle school in LA I took ‘Scrapbooking’ as one of my electives. The concept of scrapbooking was all new to me as it isn’t (or wasn’t) as popular a hobby in Australia. This meant it was hard for Mum to part with some of our family photos and hard for me to cut them up to fit in my scrapbook. But! …it was something I found so fun and relaxing, especially as I got to be creative while hanging out with a bunch of my friends.

Since then I’ve never made another scrapbook, but I do love to be surrounded by my photos and I keep a large box full of various mementos. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a concept called a Smash Book. It is basically a more casual form of scrapbooking, where you pull together photos, mementos, stickers…. anything you want, and just ‘smash’ it onto the page in whatever way your creativity takes you. I am not super creative but I really want to give this a try, and finding this blog post from A Beautiful Mess convinced me once and for all!

So first things first I went hunting for some supplies. And what I found I was so happy with I wanted to share it here…

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Brand Focus – Mode Nail Polishes


A couple of Christmases ago my Nanna gave me two nail polishes (amongst other things!). One was bright pink and the other was a pale purple. I’d never heard of the brand but loved the colours so I right away painted my nails the lovely bright pink colour.

So, I’ve decided today I needed to share these little gems with you all.

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My Favourite Autumn Lip Products

Autumn Lip Products

Well, it seems in Sydney that Autumn/Fall has truly begun to set in. And while I really prefer the milder, warmer weather I do look forward  to the changes in trends in make up – particularly lip products! I’m really excited to do this post today because lipsticks have got to be my favourite make up product, and I can’t wait to share with you my favourite ones for Autumn!

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