Brand Focus – Mode Nail Polishes


A couple of Christmases ago my Nanna gave me two nail polishes (amongst other things!). One was bright pink and the other was a pale purple. I’d never heard of the brand but loved the colours so I right away painted my nails the lovely bright pink colour.

So, I’ve decided today I needed to share these little gems with you all.


Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamels are inexpensive and yet the best nail polish I’ve ever used! I’ve only ever seen them looking a lil’ dusty on display at my local Chemists, and so it seems these don’t get much attention. But trust me! In my experience the formula is thin enough that it goes on smoothly and easily, and with the brighter colours they’re opaque enough that I can even get away with one coat. The most bizarre thing for me is that I’ve found that these nail polishes even manage to make my nails stronger! My nails split like crazy once they’ve had some polish on for a little while, but that never happens with my Mode polishes. Also, pair them with a good top coat and they don’t chip for quite a few days either.

Check them out online as they’ve got so many colours and for only $2.45! Or, like me, you might be able to spy them at your local Chemist.


PS – I wasn’t paid by Mode to to say any of this, I truly just think they’re a great product :)

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