DIY Christmas Gift Box


Christmas Box

Along my Instagram perusing travels I’ve come across many DIY Christmas projects. Besides baking or cooking, I’ve not really delved into the world of DIY as I’ve always seen myself as rather uncreative. Thing is though, I really enjoy getting crafty sometimes, and when I saw this idea I thought it was as straightforward as it gets. Also, they look pretty cute under my Christmas tree that was otherwise bare!

You’ll need:


Wrapping paper, shoe box(es), tape & scissors

Lay the shoe box lid (or bottom) onto the paper and cut off a piece that will be large enough to fold over the sides of the box.

Paper 1

I then cut out the corners of the paper so that it created flaps.

Paper 2

All you need to do then is tape down the flaps and voila! No one will ever know a boring old shoe box lurks underneath 😉

But wait… I wanted to add a little ribbon to mine!

Box with ribbon

And that’s that. I haven’t got a shot of them (I wrapped more) under my tree yet, but it all looks very cute & very festive.




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