Early Mornings


I never used to see the sunrise. Growing up I was always the type to stay up until a ridiculous hour, and then sleep all day. That began to change when I started working at Starbucks at the beginning of my time at University. Working with coffee, the earliest shifts start EARLY. So for some years, a few mornings a week, I would see the sunrise, whether that was through my train window or above the park trees as I arrived for my shift. And what I discovered about myself is that while I love to sleep in, I think I really appreciated those quiet moments of the morning. The time before everyone used to rush in madly for their caffeine fix on their way to work, the time where everything looks so untouched, peaceful and beautiful.

Since beginning full time work I’ve begun to cherish my sleep in a whole new way. But I’ve also begun to cherish my time off work even more. Sometimes on a Saturday I wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am to drive the boy to work. Sometimes I come home and crash back to sleep, but more so lately I’ve started staying up and using that time in the morning to run errands in peace. Coles is a much more beautiful place when it is absent of screaming toddlers and large families!

I think I’ve discovered that as long as I’m finding a good balance this ‘me’ time is well worth it. I get so much more out of my day and I feel more centred than I do when I sleep away my weekend. Hey, maybe I’m getting old – but I’m loving it!


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