This weekend I hosted my 3rd Annual Friensgiving. Yes, I know, I’m a little early. But I figured it didn’t really matter to any of my friends down here as Australians don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving. Also, this means I can now officially start on all things Christmas! Happy days.

I started this tradition three years ago and it has become one of my favorite times of the year when my friends and I gather together for some good eats. It’s pot luck style so everyone brings a dish, and I make the turkey (and stuffing).

Red Cup

Waking up in the morning, true to my obsessively organised self, I had a list of to-do’s right down to the very minute! But first, my morning Earl Grey from Starbucks… in their Christmas cup.

It wasn’t long before disaster ensued. I managed to stuff and season the biggest turkey I have ever attempted to cook and get it in the oven, yay!…. but then came the smell. What was that smell you ask? The smell of the label peeling off the side of the aluminium tray the turkey was sitting in and scorching on the bottom of the oven. But the melting glue was worse. Needless to say by the time my friends arrived I was a little more stressed than I wanted to be. But, miracle of all miracles, my turkey turned out lovely.

Slicin' it up

I stuffed the turkey buff with regular stuffing and a lemon to keep it all in. And then I covered the outside with an olive oil, garlic, mustard powder and herb mixture. I covered the outside of the turkey with this rub, and a littleĀ under the skin as well.

In previous years I’ve always gathered some flowers together and put them in various different vessels, my favorite being my beautiful tea cups. All I do is clip some flowers from friends gardens, and buy some cheaper flowers from the supermarket. Anything looks beautiful in little cups or vases.


This year was the first year I managed to actually get a table scape going. In pervious years we’ve just sat together around my large coffee table. But this year I purchased a real pumpkin, pulled together some more flowers, and even took a trip to IKEA for some grown up things like place mats and a table cloth!

Table setting

I can’t believe its over for another year. I’m still recuperating from all the delicious food we ate, but it’s time to launch into the Christmas spirit!




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