Welcome to my corner of the internet

Hello! Welcome to my blog. A place where I can share all the things in life that shine. From cooking to beauty, I’m interested in many things and I’m interested in sharing these things with you. Maybe there will even be DIYs?! I’d better not get ahead of myself…

I wanted my first post to be a little about myself. My name is Phoebe, and I’m from the (not so) small island of Australia. I grew up as a teenager in Los Angeles, but┬ádecided to move back to this humble land to study at University. And, oops, I never made it┬áback! I’ve recently made the big-girl launch from full time procrastinating *ahem* study, to full time work . This hasn’t been such an easy transition for myself so I wanted to create a place where I could bring attention to so many things that, well, shine.

I’m very excited! Thank you for being here with me.



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