Getting Motivated: My Four Top Tips

Lately, I’ve been having trouble staying motivated to do even the simplest things. Thing is, I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel inspired and can take on anything – and other times (lately) I haven’t even been motivated enough to do the things I really love.

I may not have all the answers, but I can tell you what always seems to help me get motivated again.


Be Inspired – This helps me most when I’m feeling unmotivated and out of ideas. Watching Youtube videos, reading blogs, searching Instagram, going for a drive somewhere new, taking photographs… and anything else you can think of! A big part of this for me this is about breaking out of my ordinary routine.

* I feel like I need to speak about the flip side to finding inspiration on social media outlets. Because there are those not so great moments where instead of being inspired, we instead compare ourselves or our situations to what we see in front of us. I’ve learned to always keep in mind that social media portrays a tiny, selected, slice of someone’s life. Perfection is not always perfection under the surface, and that is because we are all human :)

Start Small – Sometimes it’s a struggle to begin something when it seems just too big to tackle, so remember it is okay to start small. Let me use writing this blog post as an example. When I first started blogging I would try to sit down and smash out a whole post, and what started happening is I became less motivated to write because I was putting pressure on myself. So I tried to start smaller. Thinking of some ideas to write about, taking photographs, mapping out the post, and then finally putting it all together. Take baby steps and before you know it you’re on track!

Create A Plan – This is really helpful for me. If I have a plan in place I know what needs to get done, and in what amount of time. Again, I’ll use the example of writing a blog post. Sometimes I can find time to sit down and brainstorm. But it helps to plan out time to do things such as take photographs and write my post. Also, by planning out the steps for something I find it easier to take the first step into it.

Stop & Take Breaks – We all hit that wall sometimes. Whether it’s writing an assignment, studying for a test, or completing your gym work out, it’s easy to run out of steam – and often unhelpful to try to keep going. I implemented this tip a lot when studying at Uni or writing an essay. Get outside, go for a short walk, make a cup of tea, or listen to some music. It helps to have time sensitive breaks – no Facebooking!

So –  those are my four top tips to help with motivation. I hope it was helpful! :) What are some of the things that help you?





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