How I Stay Organised

I am such a nerd… I love all things to do with organising. If I spent an entire weekend just rearranging and organising things, I’d be happy! However, I have found that keeping my person organised is a more difficult task, one that actually started to cause stress, rather than alleviate it.


Let me explain…

I think that sometimes I find it hard to go with the flow. Like most people, at the beginning of the week (usually Sunday night) I like to sit down and plan out my week. I usually write a to-do list. What I was finding myself doing, however, was becoming stressed when things didn’t start getting ticked off that to do list! It was counter-productive, really.

So I think it’s about finding balance. I can’t stop trying to keep things organised because 1) I have a horrible memory and 2) I still do actually enjoy it. Mmmm stationary!

So, I’ve begun to work on creating a simple system to help me stay organised.


The first thing is my wall calendar. I love having something that I can get creative with (more posts on that to come!) but will also tell me at a glance what my whole month looks like. In terms of appointments and bills I need to remember these get copied into my calendar on my iPhone – so I’m able to have alerts set up!


Then I’ve got my notebooks. Ohhhh boy, I do love notebooks! The glittery pink small one is from Daiso, and the larger one (with a super awesome inspirational quote to boot!) I got for a present a while ago. I always keep my small notebooks in my purse. I like to write down ideas, lists, important info, etc. I used to have an actual To-Do List, but now I just keep them in my little notebook. The larger one, so far, is how I’m starting to plan for this blog!


And finally:┬ámy diary. This cutie I found at Typo. I love the colours and the fact it’ll easily fit in my handbag when I need it to. The system I’ve been trying out with this is to organise my to-do list. I have a look at what I’ve written down I need to do for the week in my notebook, and then I map it out in my diary. I find this is helping me not to feel so overwhelmed, because I try to only tackle one or two things a day. My aim is to grab a planner like this Muji one, as I adore the idea of having space for notes next to my days.

So, it is a work in progress. This is the system that has been working for me so far. I did my research and there are so many awesome ideas out there. Like, check out the Bullet Journal! But, this is what works for me. I’d love to do some upcoming posts on how I decorate my calendar as well.

So tell me, how do you stay organised?

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