My Smash Book – Supply Haul

Smash Book Supplies - Washi tape

When I was in middle school in LA I took ‘Scrapbooking’ as one of my electives. The concept of scrapbooking was all new to me as it isn’t (or wasn’t) as popular a hobby in Australia. This meant it was hard for Mum to part with some of our family photos and hard for me to cut them up to fit in my scrapbook. But! …it was something I found so fun and relaxing, especially as I got to be creative while hanging out with a bunch of my friends.

Since then I’ve never made another scrapbook, but I do love to be surrounded by my photos and I keep a large box full of various mementos. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a concept called a Smash Book. It is basically a more casual form of scrapbooking, where you pull together photos, mementos, stickers…. anything you want, and just ‘smash’ it onto the page in whatever way your creativity takes you. I am not super creative but I really want to give this a try, and finding this blog post from A Beautiful Mess convinced me once and for all!

So first things first I went hunting for some supplies. And what I found I was so happy with I wanted to share it here…

Washi Tape

There is SO much Washi Tape around at the moment! The Fabric Tape was given to me by a friend and I think it’s going to be super useful especially as it stands up well to being written on. And the rest of the tape? So cute! Some are from Kmart, and the tape on a roll is from Daiso!

Smash Book

After looking for a book for a surprising amount of time and not finding much I was happy with I settled with this one from Kmart. It’s pages are like a photo album – a page in a protective sheet – so hopefully it works out okay. I just love the pattern!

Scrapbook Cards

I also came across these SUPER CUTE Journal Cards from Kmart’s Creativ range. If you live in Australia check out their craft/scrapbooking section because they have some very cute and VERY affordable things! These are going to have to many uses….

Stickers Decorations

And finally just some other bits and bobs. Stickers are a necessity of course… and so easy to work with. And I found some adorable mini bunting on sale. The other decorative bits will easily add that something extra to a page.

So that’s my haul of Smash Book supplies! I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going to do a blog post in the future demonstrating how I’ve ‘smashed’ some of my pages, so look out for that. Until then, let me know – have you heard of, or even tried, Smash Books?



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