Simple Moment Mondays – Retail Therapy

I think we all know Mondays aren’t the easiest day of the week. Lately I’ve made a promise to myself to try to view my work week in a different (more positive) light, but I think Mondays really test my resilience with this! So… it may not be the ‘healthiest’ of approaches but today I took myself off after work and indulged in simple retail therapy. And I picked up two of my very favourite things – a mug (used for tea!) and a new lippy.

retail therapy

Life is sweet mug and Velour Lip Cream

I just felt like this Kikki. K mug was so sweet with the gold lettering and polka dots. I’ll be using this each morning for my morning cup of tea, and as a reminder that my life really is sweet.

And in terms of the lippy – I have been obsessed with purple lips lately! So I picked up the Velourlips Matte Cream in Shang-Hi. After trying this one out briefly so far I do find the smell to be a little off putting – almost like medicine. However the colour is gorgeous. It’s difficult to apply as it’s a lip cream that dries matte so you’ve got to make sure it goes on with a crisp line! Having a look on the Priceline website I see there is an even more true purple lip cream in the range called Tok-I-O, so I might just have to get my hands on that soon!

I really hope everyone out there managed to have a good Monday.



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