Summer Time – Homemade Bug Spray!

So, summer is definitely in full swing around here. I can tell because my hair has doubled in volume.

Summer is a pretty fantastic time of year. The sun stays up late, the beach is an awesome place to be, and my freezer seems to have a never ending supply of ice blocks, mmmm. But lets face it, there are some downsides. Other than my super ‘voluminous’ hair, the worst part about summer for me are that insects, bugs, spiders, you name it!… all seem to come out of hiding. And over the past few years I have discovered that most bug sprays and other preventative measures flare up my asthma symptoms. So I turned to the internet to help me find a natural way to create my own insect repellant spray.

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I did a little research, had a look at some websites, and also stumbled across some other people that had undertaken this DIY project before me. Essential oils are what will keep your friendly neighbourhood insects at bay. For me personally, my biggest issue is mosquitoes, and I found this chart that lists which essential oils will in particular repel those buggers. I invested in some essential oils from a beautiful shop near my office, as I’ve also been trying to use them for relaxation and migraines.

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Witch Hazel

Distilled water

30- 50 drops of Essential Oils

235mL (8 oz.) Spray bottle

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How to:

As essential oils don’t mix well with water, a carrier such as witch hazel is an important ingredient. Fill half of the bottle with the witch hazel and top with distilled water (I boiled some water and left it to completely cool), leaving room at the top for your drops of essential oils.

Now, drop in your essential oils. I tried lavender, peppermint & geranium and I’ve got to tell you – it smells absolutely DE-VINE! I used it on my balcony the other night, spritzed some here and there and also on my skin, and not a mozzie bite in sight!

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Let me know what kinds of natural remedies you use to keep insects of all types at bay!



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