Taking Time


Lately, my body has been trying to tell me something. But I haven’t been listening. I’ve been too busy trying to stay busy. Trying to distract myself from the not-so-great things I’ve been coping with. But today I decided to listen. And once I did I realised it was telling me to sloooooooow down. It’s funny how we can literally tune out our own physical responses, because we live so much in our minds. Yesterday afternoon I had a massage, and it allowed me to stop and reflect for a little while. And today it all came crashing down. I felt tired, but then I felt jittery. I had a headache and couldn’t concentrate. To be honest, I felt on edge and on the verge of tears. When I realised just how bad, how ‘off’ I felt, I realised it was time to take a beat and take stock of things.

I think it might be time to do a little self care. You know, have a bubble bath, watch a funny movie, do some drawing. Be a little kind to yourself. I think I need to become more comfortable with doing nothing. Nothing of real merit or productivity. Because I do know that my body was trying to tell me that’s what it needs.

Here goes…

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